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Running by Ungt Blod

I am usually not one for resolutions

... I am more the kind of person who says: If you want to make a change, just do it! Don't wait for the year to change! But this year the new year seemed like a perfect time for evaluating and changing! And so, I have started running! I have done this before, but yes, as cliché as it sounds, this time feels different. That is why I am telling you about it.

I got new running shoes for Christmas and bought new running clothes to fit the cold season and in these two first weeks of the year I have been out running three times a week! In sun and frost and wind and hail and cold cold darkness.

Since I am totally out of shape I have downloaded an app with a training program (It is called Get Running) and together with the British app lady I run - and walk - three times a week. The program seems to be working in the sense that I can't wait for it to get harder and my body seems to be adjusting well :)

How do you feel? Pro or con resolutions?

▶ Irene: Ah, so good to know I am not the only one
▶ SpoedieZ: Thank you so so much!
▶ Mary: Glad you came around -and that is so funny - we actually have two lego heads :)
▶ Gustav: Da jeg så din kommentar råbte jeg: "Dennis Dennis gæt hvem som har kommenteret på min blog!! Gustav!!" -tak :)
▶ Sandra: He has been away from the blog too long
▶ Hanna: YES! it is in Elinor's room and we all LOVE it still! So perfect! Thank you so much again!
▶ SAYOCO: No unfortunately I never have! I would LOVE to visit Tokyo some day!
▶ Mia Frida: Thank you, that is so sweet! We got the lego heads at a local departmentstore, but try to see if LEGO has a onlinestore maybe?
▶ The style crusader: Uh, I am so glad too!



hi! i just recently started following your blog and i find it amazingly interesting! this time i feel compelled to comment because i am a new runner too:) i only started in may but i am now preparing for my first half-marathon and couldn't be more excited about it! you just stick with it and you will find it hard to stop, i promise:)

yay! i have a love/hate relationship with running and this year it was also hit by a resolution of sorts: i'm on my 2nd week of 10k training. it's hard work, 5 work-outs weekly (40 in total) but so far, so good:)

I love running! Early in the mornings is the best, listening to something good. The feeling afterwards, so unstressed. Need new shoes tough, whats yours? Like'em!! I love the look of these too:

but dont know if they're good to me.. Great shoes is a must! And maybe an app...have'nt tried that!

ps. do you run with rufus or alone? :)

This made me go for a run today, and I can´t wait to go again the day after tomorrow:) thank you:)...

I really like your shoes! I wanted to start running as well... Haven't started yet! I tried looking up the app you're using, but couldn't find it. Is it the 5k one?

wow your blog is so different from what I usually come across! very interesting and original + cute doggy! <3

Good luck with the running. I use a running program to get me back into running as well. Also new running shoes help. I did bring my runners with me when I wen to Denmark but then it started to rain!

Pro resolutions...this year anyway. January feels good when you make changes.
A totally unrelated question...where are the pink lights you have either side of your bed from???

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