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It's sunday, cold and grey

The day startet very bright and inspiring and I actually have gotten a lot of things done -just not the things I should be doing! Here is to a productive evening! - hope you had a good weekend!

▶ Bonjour Juliette: Thank you so much! Such a sweet comment
▶ Coki: Thank you!!
▶ Lisen: Hurra Hurra og mange flere!
▶ Elianne: I am so glad!
▶ Linda: TAK! Ja, browseren skal lige 'glemme' den gamle blog så den ikke redirecter :)
▶ Sarah: Nobody said I was a good mom/student/dogowner ect :)


Haha, these could be my words for today ;) Have a good afternoon & evening, Mette!

Oh wow, I like this new style!

I was momentarily resistant to change! Visually, you have always been my favourite. But this new blog looks great, it only took a few minutes to adjust! When I saw that lego head in the store, I actually thought of you.

Fantastisk ny sida Mette! Väldigt proffsig och snygg!

oh there is my fiance! <3

åh hundeprint! so happy to see it :)

Hello, I'm SAYOCO from Tokyo Japan.
I really love your blog , your life style and design ,too :)
Have you ever been to Tokyo ??

Wohaa, every new Post i like a little Vacation for the Eyes!

Mette or everybody:
Where can you actually buy those Lego Heads?

Love your blog! The photos are so beautiful and the layout/design is so unique! So glad to have found you. xx

hey - congrats for your new blog - even better than the last version ! I really get inspired when I read it and love your colorful way of life.
I can see on your 1st photo, on the left a poster with dancing dogs - do you know where I could find it on a online shop ? I'm living in France and looking for it since a while for my baby's room.
Thanks !
have a nice day !

Jag gillar din nya sida, den är fin! Men i min webbläsare (firefox) så följer de där formerna med när man scrollar neråt på sidan. Alltså, "bokstäverna" n b & o (röd, gul och blå) fortsätter vara i överkant av skärmen oavsett var på sidan man är.

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