Welcome to the new Ungt Blod
Welcome to the new Ungt Blod
Welcome to the new Ungt Blod

Here it is - the big birthday giveaway!

To celebrate the big redesign and the fact that this blog has been around for 4 whole years as my little home on the internet, of course there will be a birthday giveaway! Take part in this giveaway and you might win ... well I actually won't tell you what you can win until I draw the winner on MONDAY the 23rd of January at noon CET - EDIT: the give away is delayed so there is still time to enter! just leave a comment with you inspiration and you are in the draw! -cos the gift won't be ready until then ;) But on Monday the 23rd I will draw FOUR winners!

To enter the giveaway:
Please leave a comment and tell me about - or show me - your favourite inspiration

It can be a website, a blog, an illustrator, artist, youtube clip - anything that inspires you! Post a link and give a reason why it inspires you! Go share!

▶ Everyone: Thank you so much for your amazing comments about the new design! They make me so so happy!


I love this video:

I find it inspirational because its a reminder that there are adventures to be had, places to see, new treats to try and many new things to learn. Whenever I watch this, (even though its for a language program) it makes me feel refreshed and I try to see my city from a whole new perspective. Plus, I just love Paris!

Det ser for vildt flot ud, wauw!!!!
yndlings inspirationsblog til beklædning og så drives den af min bedste venindes far :-)

This site is a film typography mecca: just looking at all this beauty makes me want to create stuff immediately!

Jeg søger inspiration mange forskellige steder, men yndlings må nok være:

God torsdag


There are so many many! I love Maira Kalman:

And John Lurie's crazy art:

They remind me that there is so much unexpected beauty and humor to be found.. and not to worry too much- just create!

Denne videoen minner meg på hvorfor jeg jobber med dans. Nyt!

Congratulations!! :) Looks great!
My favorite inspiration is life. Sounds simple, but it's true.

I love this vintage animation by Ladislaw Starewicz:

It is a magical and beautiful little film that captures the wonderful spirit of winter and spring. It inspires me to make more art and to take more walks outdoors.

Congrats! Despite inspiration may come from ANYWHERE in the most unexpected moment -you all know!-, for me music is the most important source. I guess cause it's not visual...

Lately I'm listening to Yann Tiersen music while I draw.

Jeg er vild med, der indeholder tonsvis af lœkre strikkeopskrifter.

Fin, fiiiin blog du har fået lavet - jeg er meget imponeret!

Daughter, baby Thea is my inspiration, she looks a little like your little one, only dark blonde. Every day is a great day because of her.

I love love love not cot
I always get tons of inspiration when I visit! great blog makeover it's really amazing! congratulations!

Every time I visit I get loads of inspiration in very different fields!
Your blog makeover is great! congrats!

oh! i really like this website of fairy tale illustrations-you can send them as postcards to people.

the effort you made is our pleasure. as for making architecture I have the inpiration in the form of an elder person, hermann czech, who taught me to take care of every detail and blogs which lead me to such wonderful examples like that one and thanks for the inspiration you offer.

yeah! i love the new look of your blog very, very much. it has freshened up :) thank you for adding me to your links – i'm thrilled.
lately, i'm inspired by the two released volumes of kinfolk magazine. the stories and photos really help me looking at some things in a more simple & clear way. and they support me in being more relaxed (that's one of my new year's resolutions!). and the best thing is: i like to invite more friends to my place again.

/Volumes/Mac External HD/External HD iPhoto Library/Modified/2011/9:03:2011/P3090033.JPG

These small people inspire me.

Hi Hayley -do you by any chance have a link to the image online? would love to see it

Hi. hopefully you can see this... :)

Fabric & my children inspire me...
You can find examples of both on my Instagram
Hope that's good... My children help my discover things & look at them with new eyes!!! Fabric is so amazing...especially modern/Scandanavian & vintage fabrics from the 60's!!!! Thanks for the chance to win

Congrats! My current inspiration comes from the local social movement in Europe, social centers, urban gardens, bike kitchens, written here on Good Magazine.

What inspires me? So many things... Walking in Copenhagen.
But something specific:

The intro to Twin Peaks.
I love Angelo Badalementi, who made the music - it's something I lean against in my own musical career (not copying, that is, hehe) - it soothes me and saddens me and gives me strengt all at once.
David Lynch is in eternal inspiration. His filmwork and artwork amazes me - he's perspective on life and the way he handles it.
The aestetics of the whole Twin Peaks-universe. I'm very visual in life. (Which is one of the reasons I love your blog so.)
And so much more - the mystery, the decadence, etc.
Congrats on the 4 years - and what can I say but '4 more years'!

Hi Mette,

congratulations on your wonderfull new blogdesign and of course your fourth anniversary!!! Your blog is so cool! One of my other inspirations on the web is and I also love

Love from Hamburg!

not my favourite ever (not good at picking favourites...) but here's the latest one:
really great typography from the eighties by Neville Brody.
once more: congratulations on the redesign & good luck with all future projects!

tillykke med redesignet! det er superflot og inspirerende! blogland er min favorit inspirationskilde : )

Happy Birthlog Mette! My friend just told me about the work of Vivian Maier, who took thousands of photographs and squirreled them away in a storage space. The story that follows is just totally incredible. Maier's work makes me think about art, identity, and creation before the internet existed.

Happy blog-b-day!
Ohhh, there are so many nice places out there - couldn't figure out what ny favorite site was, so here's an amazing little short film that I keep enjoying everytime I see it. I love how it combines it's quirkyness with a sense of fairytale.

And thanks for the inspiration I get from your blog - very enjoyable and colourful!

When I found this tumblr I thought to myself: I've found my spiritual leader!

HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!!Congratulations, your new blog is great! Today and every day love this

The tie is between the selby and ohdeedoh (now apartment therapy). Love looking at beautiful design and homes. Happy bloggy birthday, you continue to inspire me and I look forward to another 4 years +. xx ashley

The tie is between the selby and ohdeedoh (now apartment therapy). Love looking at beautiful design and homes. Happy bloggy birthday, you continue to inspire me and I look forward to another 4 years +. xx ashley

I love the new look! And Happy birthday!

Here is my favorite piece of early animation:
I just love it :)

den här fågeldansen är otroligt inspirerande. som det mesta i naturen :)

I LOVE your new blog. It is just so you :)

EGYPTIAN REGGAE > upbeat, exciting, entertaining. gets me moving!

I'm inspired by found objects, by the practice of 'hunting and gathering', via walking the streets of (enter any city here)...I am inspired by people and the choices they make, by the arcane and the universal, by intuition and by accident.

Today I'd like to be getting inspired at (and getting lost, wrapped up in!) the Metropolitan Museum in NY:

(And I must say, I am VERY inspired by your blog. I am tickled to pieces to have come across it. Your design is very...inspired!)

/ Dianna

This video inspires me so much!!
Life is short, live your dream and share your passion!

oh and happy bday!! Love the new look! ;)

Happy birthday;) The redesign is so nice, I want to put in a bowl and eat it with sprinkles and vanilla icecream! At the moment my I dig illustrators like this Swedish lady:

Congrats for having an inspiring blog that turns 4 years! I find Tumlr a great place to find inspiration, where awesome people put up their awesome work and share others. Thanks to the variety of content, I keep seeing things I never seen before. Here is one of my favorites:
Take care.

Dear Mette,

this is something that inspires me :

because it looks like an otherworldly old familiar place where you go to when you sleep.

Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!

Dear Mette,

this is what inspires me:

because it looks like an otherwordly old familiar place where you go to when you sleep.

Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!

Not knowing the prize, that's pretty cool. I love the task of the giveaway - love getting to know new sites.
My favourite places are pinterest and bookshelfporn.

Oooh, just 1 thing :)? Hmmm, tough choice.. Well I guess I've been re-discovering a lot of Martin Parr's pictures lately, his take on photography is... well, different! fun! :)

... og så har du også en rigtig fint tænkt give away. Min første plads er delt mellem så utrolig mange. Men stadig er jeg lige nu mest inspireret af - mest pga hendes ærlighed og evne til at bruge sig selv på inspirerende måder på hendes blog.

Og hey, sejt med en 4 års fødselsdag! You Rock!

KH tina aka TichTach

Mette! Congratulations on your new blog/website, it looks so fresh and dynamic, and lively!
Here's something I find inspirational:
these people make a soft toy out of a child's drawing, and that's wonderful. These people use magic, they bring to life something that has been thought of and drawn, they are like fairies!
Also, the whole nature inspires me a lot, and this can be found everywhere, which is great.
Thanks Mette :)

I like the cutest things in live: babies and dogs :) Watch this video, isn´t it funny?

I'm inspired by experimental filmmakers and visual representations of sound.

Grattis Mette! Har just börjat uppleva din blogg och är helt sugen! Som inspiration tänker jag mig ofta bort till de skandinaviska länder, hur folk satsa på det enkla och sanna. Annors älskar jag havet och blev helt kär i den här filmen. vilken otrolig makt har havet och hur roligt kan man har med det -> oxå när bilderna kan verka lite skrämmande tycker jag....

Endnu en gang tillykke med de fire.
Jeg er for tiden helt og aldeles afhængig af flere forskellige finske blogs. Jeg er vild med de rene hvide linjer tilsat farver og grafiske detaljer.
Jeg kunne nævne mange, men en af mine absolutte favoritter er:

one of my favourite artists.

Jeg elsker weheartit, fordi man kan søge efter smukke billeder - alt efter hvilket humør man er i. Det er så skønt og en virkelig god inspiration. Flot blog og tillykke med fødselsdagen:)

Congratulations on your great new site!
My favourite source of inspiration must be the UPPERCASE magazine. And I discovered it through your blog, when you were featured in it, which resulted in me subscribing to it :) Thanks a lot by the way :)

I am updating your new web address in my blogroll right now!
Happy Weekend!

Jeg finder inspiration fra det fantastiske magasin Kinfolk (, som desværre er dyrt når man lever på SU. Men så har de heldigvis nogle fine videoer og billeder på deres hjemmeside!

he just seems to it all sussed... truly inspirational

I Absolutely Love your new site!
I really like that little bauhaus thing going on on top of the site. Brings me mind these ans these:
Here is a site I found just few days ago, and thought you might like it too:

Really great job you have done with the your site!!!

Tillykke med de nye klæder!
Et forholdsvis nyt bekendtskab er Emily Salomon, men jeg er virkelig glad for den blog, bedre end ethvert dameblad.
Og så må heldet bestemt være med mig d. 23., da det er min kæmpehøje lillebrors fødselsdag ;o)
this was the only song that made Henry stop crying when he was a baby.

so many things...i follow for new art inspiration. it's really good. and one of my favourite artists is anthony cudahy (

i may not dance & i may not sing (very well), but for some reason musical numbers from old movies inspire me. maybe because they make me get up & dance around / fill me with energy...

some favorites -

(& the new design is amazing. AMAZING! i wish i had your web design skills!)

Happy Birthday!!
Everything on your bog is perfect,
like a cucumber sandwich.

People inspire me.. Mum, sister, daughter and friends ..

Illustrators of Agent Pekka inspire me

Hands down my favourite illustrator at the moment is this wonderful lady:
I really love the way she draws! And my blog is basically about all the nice things I like. :)

Very easy. I love the colors and logic behind it.

Hey there, usually I take as daily inspiration is the homepage of Etsy...I love the treasury lists made by other users, they always discover amazing items and precious creations.

where do I actually start...?

one thing that is crucial for me is humour. I reckon many people forget to giggle daily. sooooo inspirational and good for you.
something very silly. happy (belated) b-day, you!

I take inspiration from nature (sky, leaf, animals, the season and his colors...).


Inspiration comes with everyday life and of course all those things there -->

Jeg blir inspireret af ting, der forstyrrer vinterhverdagens rutiner - f.eks. at møde dem her i bussen: . God weekend og tillykke med den vellykkede blog-ombygning! :)

League of Legends game character Teemo in space outfit! The sense of suspense in the illo is friggin A in my books and the stories (and lore hahaha) from between the game characters really motivate me to draw pictures.

Happy birthday and congratulations on the move! <3

huhej og tillykke med de 4 år!!! jeg snublede over det her lille klip for noget tid siden og har haft det i tankerne efterfølgende. så mit svar er vel nina simone (samt mennesker med noget på hjerte og evnen til at smitte andre med det):

I work with elderly people and I find them so inspiring. They are generally so wise and full of wonderful advice. I love visiting them in their homes and observing their style. Of course, one of my favourite blogs for inspiration is Advanced Style.

Bullying is such a stupid stupid thing that really can destroy peoples life and confident. This video makes my blood boil (I don't know if you can say that in english but it's an expression in swedish) and wanna change the world in so many ways...

Det kan inspirere mig at kigge på billeder. Det kan være alt fra gamle aflagte s/h billeder til noget af meget nyere stil! Det kan inspirere mig at gå en tur og bare se. Pludselig er der 1000 ting, der kunne bruges på en eller anden måde - eller et væld af ideer til noget nyt. At besøge et hjem med historie, at tale med nogle fremmede eller velkendte. Og det kan inspirere mig og give ideer at bruge app'en "conceptmaker", der er lavet af nogle undervisere fra Mediehøjskolen

Katrine Marie

simply A D O R E the new blog!
keep baking that sweet apple pie!

my inspiration is my all time favorite song:

Dear Mette, your new design is amazing! I love the look of the front page and all the shapes and typography!

What inspires me the most is walking around in the streets, watching people, buildings and the everyday life. And when my own city doesn't help, I need a weekend in Berlin or at the seaside. I am always filled with inspiration when I am back home.

i just found this
and i guess this will be a weekend spent indoors...
love the new blog by the way! you go girl!

This video makes me dream :-), I can spend hours and hours watching all those DIY project and other things as well. LOVE IT. Gongrats to 4 years and a great new blog. Gorgeous design!

her art is very simple but it's so raw and true

Congrats! Your new design is the best and it's so you :) My inspiration: H.N. Werkman, a Dutch printer. Love love love.

Deres hjem er så fint, lige efter min smag :)

Congrats on four years! The blog redesign is wonderful.

I've lately been inspired by Richard Serra's sculpture, esp the Torqued Ellipses. I'm also returning again and again to Wong Kar Wai's movies.

Thanks for the giveaway!

the new design is super great- wouldn't expect anything less of you! as for some daily inspiration, i've been nudged back into knitting and constantly dreaming of a future house and cozy family life by this woman:

Congrats with your new website! I love it! The design is amazing and very inspiring! I love the way how you use typo and graphic elements.

My inspiration comes from everywhere. I love to walk around in the forest, to get some new fresh ideas. But also traveling and shopping are very inspiring. Reading blogs and megazines, watching and observing peole. It comes from everywhere. Without all those things, i would die!

At the moment i am really into typography. I love websites like:
A lot of inspiring work! Lovely!

Have a nice weekend!

Love from The Netherlands!


Tillykke med de 4 år og ikke mindst med det nye design! Det ser bare SÅ godt ud, wauuw!!
Jeg finder, som mange andre, super meget inspiration i blogland. Der er så mange fantastiske blogs derude! Den første blog jeg fulgte, og som fik mig på sporet af de mange andre var Camilla Engmans, og hun kan til stadighed blive ved at inspirere mig med sin helt særlige poetiske sans og æstetik.

besides your lovley blog ;) ..
it is ever since the wonderfull oskar schlemmer and his stunning theory and making of the "triadische ballett" at the bauhaus universität, that has been my favourite inspiration!

the shapes you added on your new webside fit quite well in this case ;) i am pretty sure you love it too.

"(hip hip) hurrah for the bauhaus concept !"

sending you love from germany! <3 it is so nice to drop by from time to time and visit your colorful lovely world on your side..
would be so great if i'll be the lucky one to receive your secret present! *<|:O-)


Jeg tror ikke min sidste kommentar gik igennem, så nu prøver jeg lige igen.

Jeg bliver inspireret af, fordi man kan sidde og kigge på smukke billeder alt efter, hvilket humør man er i. Tillykke med bloggens fødselsdag. Hurra'er og virtuel kage herfra:)

Wow, you have such a nice blog, i added it to my favourite list. And i love the knitted sweaters.
thankyou for sharing.
greetins Afke

Dear Mette, you are on the top of my inspiration list. I also want to add this:

I guess i get my inspiration from people.

På gedigent dansk - pisse flot design! Så kreativt og legende og farverigt.

Jeg finder af og til inspiration, eller måske snarere fordybelse på tumblr'erne The Collections: og Shotgun Season:

Hey, just found you, thanks to Finelittleday.

this I like;

Hey, just found you, thanks to
This I like;

Congrats on turning 4, and the new look - it's amazing! I get a lot of inspiration from blogs such as yours that document everyday life, with small moments and peeks into the homes of others. I love seeing how people live, and what they eat. I think all my new recipe ideas are from blogs these days!

William Hundley's artwork inspires me because it's just so damn crazy...

Hi Mette,
I found your blog recently and I really like the stuff you post. Good design, I can see there is more photography focus now.

There is a lot around for inspiration, here are the top 3

most of my inspiration comes from other blogs and designers. two of my absolut favorites are and

both when it comes to decoration and fashion. i bow for internet and all creative persons out there!

Your new website is really fantastic!!! how long did it take you? did you programm it yourself?
What is concerning the recommendation, I am not sure if you might not already know him but guy de cointet does amazing props and stages for his theater plays – I thought you might like his style!

du er så sindssygt dygtig! tillykke med din blogfødselsdag og med det fantastiske nye udseende<3
jeg er for tiden lidt besat af townes van zandt og patti smith. jeg hører næsten ikke andet end deres musik, læser biografier, ser dvder, kigger på billeder (især af sidstnævnte - der er så vanvittigt mange gode!). og så fik jeg til min fødselsdag sidste år en bog med bogbindinger fra de sidste tusind år. der er nogle vilde ting i, som jeg tænker rigtig meget over for tiden.

I love this new design & congratulations for your 4 years!
I find inspiration in old japanese cartoon, I used to watch them on tv all the time when I was little. always adored them. Especially with robots! They just put me in the creative mode!
So hilarious with italian voices too.

This tv-show is one of the most inspiring things I´ve ever seen But in Denmark you are of course allready familiar with Frank Erichsen and his tv-show. I´m inspired by the simple life, good coffe and people who do things by their own hands. Hugs and wow wow to the new blog!!!

I love pretty things but when it comes to inspiration, it is words (with without amazing imagery) are what inspire me the most.
There are two blogs that I often turn to when I need to reset my thinking and they are:
the ugly earring -
for her thought provoking poetry and photos


Keri Smith -
for her politically correct, anti-establishment, & uber creative thoughts and ideas.

Btw, LOVE the blog redux! The floating shape links, the previews for each post and the post layout. So clean, so geometric and yet when I come here I know this is still ungtblood. Cheers!

My biggest inspiration is the documentary/movie exit through the giftshop about Banksy, everytime it inspires me again to think outside of the box, and that I can do anything I want. Also inspirational for me are all the crazy coloured blogs like yours! I love it!

You mean besides Ungt Blod, of course? There are so many good links on here already! But I saw this video a while ago and can't get it out of my mind. I'm not usually one for fashion films at all but I love the visuals and the music in this one:

Hi and Happy blog Birthday! The new layout looks great.
I'm always inspired by my favourite place in London, Sir John Soane's house. It's now a museum and entry is FREE! His use of coloured glass and light is magical. He collected and hoarded just like me, but he curated his collections to form the most amazing displays. Next time you're in London it is definitely worth a visit!

My favourite source of inspiration is my digital board:

I created it to collect everything that turns on a light in me, visually or for other reasons. It's like an inspiration board, but is on the web :)

It's funny because sometimes I see recurring themes, although I'm not aware of creating them, i.e. selecting one or more images one after the other and later discover they have something in common.

I'm so curious about the prize!

Lately I've been dreaming about traveling somewhere not too far away and not the usual South European countries, as we, Northern Europeans usually love to do. So this 'Inspired by Iceland' video ( has been stuck in my mind for ages!:) I love the views, the people and the nature. And it seems that everything that I've started to love lately comes from Iceland. Like this amazing guy - Olafur Arnalds
( Makes my heart sing :) Truly amazing songs.

on nights when i cant sleep i try to scroll to the end of it never works, but i do get lots of inspiration and a tired look on my face at school next morning.

nice layout btw!

Tillykke med den virkelig lækre nye hjemmeside & de 4 år selvfølgelig :) Er altid en inspiration at tune ind hos dig.
Anden fantastisk inspiration finder jeg på & de findes også på En fornøjelse at kigge billeder igennem & lade sig inspirere til nye projekter & så har de endda en fristende onlineshop også :)

congratulations- i love your blog and your design style. i am inspired by plants, light, colors- many things and where i was born- romania. one great inspiration has been a series of books recently published by grafic front, on graphics without computers.

here's to 4 more years and beyond.

I have never really understood what this blog is about, but every photo is beautiful and the site's look is unique and consistently applied. That's why I keep looking!

I guess it wouldn't be right to try to link to my Google Reader I'll go with

I find inspiration is so many places; little things in life, people, places and so much more online I just want to see it all and absorb, but if I could just look at one thing only for ever more I think it would be this animation by Lesley Barnes a very talented lady I think.
Love the new look to your space, I loved the old too and I'll probably love what comes next!

These days I'm inspired by the idea of living simply--having less positions, growing my own food, making my own cheese/wine, pursuing happiness projects, and spending ample time with loved ones. I'm better able to keep that vision/hope in mind when I encounter inspirations for simple lifestyles such as,

For the last couple years, I've been living in the biggest cities in the world, and I'm currently working on relocating to New York City. I think it's important for me to be in a dynamic, urban environment while still young. But at the same time, I dream of living by a glacier lake in Alaska in a house that I will build with my partner. I think it'll definitely happen one day, perhaps when we're in our 30s, 40s. <3

congratulations mette! this new site is amazing an a fresh inspiration for us!

i get inspired by absolutely everything, but above all, travelling. there's no link for that, you have to do it yourself :) new smells, different people, food, architecture... just changing surroundings works wonders for me.

among many many many songs and places, this music: (passing cloud) and this place: (ps: love your post it button!!)

Hi Mette, Just wanted to let you know your new design is close to being brilliant. I love how everything fits and it's kindof like a game to discover all the features. You're very talented.


Hi Mette, Congratulations for your 4 years! I love your new design and it definitely is my biggest inspiration. This inspires me too

Have a great Sunday!

I haven't got chance to tell you how much I LOVE your new design, it's soooo soooo pretty, yet so simple and colorful :)

For inspiration i always rely on Tumblr but definitely the one that inspires me the most is my sister, she always encourages me to make new stuff and try new things, and she's also very cool! :)


I wanted to post that what inspires me apart from your blog, are the blogs of sandra juto, camila engman, mini-mega, mokkasin, etc, mainly Scandinavian blogs, It is true, I love your artwork, your life and everything you share. But at the end of the day, I guess what inspires me to live and strive to have a lovely life such as everyone else I have mentioned is my tumblr:
It's not a special tumblr, nor is it different or popular, I'm not mentioning it to promote it. I'm not Swedish, but as the title says Ett Annorlunda Liv - A Different Life. My tumblr is a life that I want but can't afford and do not have right now. Hardly any word, but mostly pictures of things I wish I have (culled from many blogs), places I want to be in, or people I want to meet. Which, in my dreams I am able to meet, see, experience and have. Maybe one day...

inspiration may be the focus on the distraction
(rop van mierlo vs animal collective)

The Gutai Manifesto (具体) inspires me. We should never be bored..when we can translate our sheer energy into great art!

Like this:

Hvor er her fint med dit nye design. Lige netop sådan jeg bliver inspireret. Ved alle jeres postings og designs her i blogland. .. Have a very nice day xxx Ulla

My inspiration comes from single quotes. Usually someone might say something that might not seem so profound to them but to me, it's a light bulb moment.

My biggest (recent) inspiration is this song, because it is uplifting and sunny :>

My biggest inspiration is my high school teacher :-)

right now, yoga is what inspires me most. it clears my head and gives me such a calm feeling. i think better afterwards.
...i hope i'm not too late here :)

I'm constantly inspired by the city, colors, shapes and music. I love quirky, fun music and bright colors and that is definitely a big part of my work.

Maybe a little cheesy, but my boyfriend Mart; inspires me everyday. He is a super good drawer and all round maker and creator. AND he does not realise this! I am really lucky and very proud to have a man like Mart in my life. I really hope one day he will realise that his drawings are amazing and that we can distribute them around cornwall and make prints together in a small, messy garden shed. One day!

hi there, I've been following your blog for about a year now, and I love it.
this argentinian artist called cecilia afonso esteves really inspires me:

congratulations on your blog-birthday!

Molly Crabapple's sketchbook is perfect for wrangling inspiration:

hi !!
I haven't realised that there was a giveaway in process in your blog! I found your blog few days ago, when a blog I used to read brought to yours...
There're a lot of things that inspire me... One of this is that short from a japanese artis La Maison in petits cubes: Here the link:

I am always inspired by Pinterest! There are so many beautiful images that spark my creativity.

It's so good to have pinterest for all my indirations everywhere! ..there are a lot more bookmarked yet!
congrats to the 4 great blogyears!!!

Found earlier this week, this beautifull illustrations lead me back to my child world dreaming of enchated people, forests and seas!

My inspiration is about interior design, art and san francisco... and about diy, (currently) paris and fun parties. yeah!

My biggest inspiration is definately travelling around the world. Nothing can compare to venturing put of one's safety zone!

I can still join, lucky me!!

My biggest inspiration I get is from reading different blogs (yours is one of my favourites, I just missed this post, not the following ones) and doing fun stuff with great people. But I get mostly inspired by changing the way I think. Stop doing what I normally do and try to look at things like they are new to me. Difficult process but so rewarding!

whew! i'm glad i made it to your new blog in time! ;)

i am so inspired by this video (
i have been wanting to try to make this milk before, and i can't wait to try it. the video is so beautifully done, too.

your new blog is sooo great! and this is my newest inspiration - i never thought of flowers this way - spraypainting them for gods sake!!!

My biggest inspiration is a Dutch woman called Marije Vogelzang. I find her so she creates "eating design". She had a restaurant in Amsterdam called "proef" (taste). I follow her activities and projects which are both inspirational and unique!