At the zoo by Ungt Blod
At the zoo by Ungt Blod
At the zoo by Ungt Blod
At the zoo by Ungt Blod
At the zoo by Ungt Blod

I think my favorite animal this time at the zoo was the toucan!

Such an unreal animal!

▶ Bantik: I know - it was really relaxing without a care in the world. I guess thats what happens when you are a zoo animal
▶ Tihana: Thank you for the sweet sweet comment! Im glad I can be some sort of inspiration! -I took sewing classes when I was maybe 13 years old but most of all its just a matter of trying -learn by doing!
▶ Jokemijn: ha ha - I think Rufus would be proud to be mistaken for a lion!
▶ B: Ja, det er sgu en befriende følelse


oh, so nice! i love to go to zoos - and i believe you're never too old :)

a memorable incident form my childhood. we went to a zoo where some of the birds/animals were not in cages. while we were eating our picnic lunch a toucan flew down and stole away my baby sister's cake. funny! x

I love the zoo. I like the shot of the little ones looking into the camel enclosure. They look so close!

Wonderful animal pictures!

elinor looks so big already! but she's still the cutest! nice zoo pics!

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årh de er fine, flamingoerne! Og lille E... totalt seje skinny jeans!

Is hard to pass a Toucan and not be impressed, they are such magnificent birds. xolj

Sometimes a toucan (or tucano here in Brazil) pays me a visit. They're really beautiful animals!♥Camila Faria

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