New Friend
New Friend
New Friend

I got a new work buddy!

'Got' as in 'bought' and 'work buddy' as in 'work horse' - its going to be a beautiful friendship

▶ Everyone: Thank you so much for all your sweet comments! Its very exiting to see yourself in such a cool magazine!


I find your new buddy utterly adorable!

Hvor er den lœkker! Hurraaaa!!!


Very nice set up :)

So you have a new treasure! I am savig money for it too :))

Ooooh is it the 27" display? I'm about to get a lovely work horse of my own but haven't decided on the size yet.

om nom nom!

You're friend is so gorgeous!! :)

mmm! nice! thats one of my best friends at work too. Big Mac. hope you're going to have lots of fun together! :) the cup looks a bit dissapointed though? ps. my friends dad asked once: is it always APPLES on them? cant you choose another fruit??


seriøst.... det er snyd!!! :-)

oh nice! so nice!

The cup looks awsome!! ;)

great! :)and i love the cup..

oh, we use the same macs, mette. the big one (love it!) and the thin slim one (HOW i love that one as well!) they really complete eachother. congrats to a new love. i mean friend. :))

You don't mean the sweet little cup, do you? I mean - good coffee is the best work buddy! ;)

that's great! the light also rocks. where can i get it? :)

The wall, the mug, the mac, the table <3 loveit all!

love the cup! the look on his/her face is it a bought friend too?

oh, i can imagine how much you love your new imac! i love mine, too :)

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