Some more photos from that lovely sunshine day.

I'm really in love with that first one. Its from a park right next to the zoo and it was such an iconic summer view.

▶ Everyone: Thank you for all the comments and for sticking around even when im a bad infrequent blogger (side note for Whitney: I took those pictures in the previous previous post because our kitchen had never been that clean before. it certainly isn't now :))! And just to address those couple of anonymous comments - no need to be anonymous here really - and zoo-critical comments: Yeah, the zoo is a some what conflicting place, because i love seeing the animals (and even more: seeing E seeing the animals) and then you do feel sort of bad too, but I have to point out that of course not all of the animals were laying around "paralyzed from boredom" in the sun -it just made for a fun photo series. Most of them were having fun doing their thing, and I mean, if I were a giant animal in the sun with no predators around, I think I would take a nap at noon too!


I love the photo of the park! Cities in the springtime are magical, when everyone comes outside.


Herlige bilder, ser ut som sommer!

The first picture is stunning!

Hov, jeg var en af de anonyme fra igår, der også undrerde mig over hvor Myreslugeren gemmer sig. men kun anonym fordi jeg er en spade til hele det der blog kommentar hejs. Scusi!Men jeg hedder Marianne, hej hej

i love the first photo too. have a good week!

hi metteyes the weekend has been great here in Copenhagen. Hope you are doing fine.hello from Lisa

Love all the pictures (:

Nice photos!

wow I also think that the 1st picture is really great!I also have a mixed feeling for zoo's..and that about them taking a nap in the sun with no predators around, of course! I totally agree with you.

Love the first photo too! As soon as I saw it I pictured it printed out somewhere in your apartment, maybe on your photo wall or in large format, beautiful.