Birds are eating of our window bird feeder! its so fantastic!

i get so happy when a little bird is sitting right next to me. Today two birds sat on each side just looking me and pecked at the glass! maybe they find me as funny is i find them! This is a two subject post! Birds and Aero press! I recently borrowed one from this fine blogger to test it out and decided to buy one to get a bit more coffee variety. What i like about it so far: many brew options + fast + cleaner milder taste. (what i don't like: ugly, not as nice a brewing experience, no crema)

▶ Thank you for all the sweet comments! thoses photos might be of her fourth and fifth steps but you can see how proud she is :)


Wow, the pics of Elinor taking her first steps are adorable, congrats! Also, this bird feeder is great!

What a lovely idea! I love to watch birds...

your kettle is adorable!

What a fun little bird feeder. How delightful for you to have winged visitors. xolj

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