The other day I had a special task: Going to the supermarket and shopping only for beautiful packaging! I would love to be a package design research full time -wouldn't that just be the most perfect job?

Shopping based only on the package design seems sort of illegal - like something you are not supposed to do, but really it is no different than enjoying a building without thought to what it is used for or buying a pitcher just for its strips!

▶ Everyone: thank you for your comments on both my parents house and the kimonos. I know loosing your childhood home is part of growing up and I do look forward to creating my own 'childhood home' for Elinor
▶ Tihana: Sorry I'm only getting around to answering you now! And thank you, it was a very sweet comment. I have a bachelor degree in Rhetorics but am currently working on my Master thesis in Digital Design and Communication. I have always worked with design and after three years of plain communication studies I now know I need to have a great design focus in my life!


nearly all packaging in the supermarket would look better already if they weren't polluted by dozens of "20% extra!!!" and "low fat!!!" messages :)
love the pattern on the building in the second photo!

Great idea! I must try to do that sometimes :-)

Irma er emballagemestre! Har lige været der idag (de findes ikke i Aalborg) og svælge i alle herlighederne + købe forsyninger med hjem.

irma has definitely always nailed the packaging. makes shopping such a joy!

In France, we don't have a lot of great packaging in supermarket. We have to see small product to find it.

Totally zero immune when it comes to packaging. even with books. Whenever i visit the library to borrow some books for reading. i can't help but lay my hands on books with great book covers. :)

De her gør det også ret godt: Men Meyers er fantastisk!

Jeg synes, Skærtoft Mølles emballager er så fine. Nu har du godt nok ikke nogle af Urtekrams ting, men jeg synes også, de gør det ret godt, og jeg kommer i tanke om, hvor ked og ærgerlig jeg blev over en kronik i politiken, der ævlede løs om, hvor grimt øko-ting er pakket ind, fordi det så gammeldags og 70er-støvet ud. Det er netop en af de store forcer i min verden...

That's really the right thing to do! And the best part - it's the organic stuff that look the best!

I love to go hunting for lovely packaging in danish supermarkets. There is always something pretty to discover.

mjölpåsen! <3 så fin

OOOOO thank you soooooo much! you gorgeous thing! xoxo

I also love package design very much! It makes me enjoy every item even more :)

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