Things I'm afraid to tell you

Some talented bloggers (like Jenna, Erin and Ez) have started a small movement shedding light on the mismatch between reality and life presented on blogs.

And even though I am not gonna share something, that I am afraid to tell you, I do want to support the project.

For me it is not a question of things I am afraid to tell you. I am not afraid to tell you that I am extremely messy and feel just fine living in a big mess with dirty dishes and all. I am not afraid to tell you that I am way too busy all the time and often totally stressed out and that I regularly freak out about the projects I have taken on. I am not afraid to tell you that I have to work hard for that stress not to turn in to anxiety. And I am not afraid to tell you that I am an extreme homebody who does not 'go out' much at all.

The reason I don't write about too much about these things is not that I only want to paint a rosy picture of my life, it is because this blog plays a particular role for me. I do not aim to share all of myself, I take it as a total given that a blog is an extremely edited view into a persons life. It is not the whole story by far. I have no need to share the whole story. This is also the reason why I am totally comfortable sharing as much about my life as I do, I am never in doubt that I get to decide what I post and why.

The problem is when somebody reads a blog and don't see it for the edited presentation it is. I share things that make me happy and that I find important and beautiful, because that is what makes blogging worth while for me (and help med keep stress and anxiety away), but if somebody stops by and believes that three photos a day amount to my whole life and consequently feels bad about their own chaos, that is not good!

I am not one to add a lot of badges or widgets to my blog to signal my point of view - even if I do believe in linking with love and being nice to each other - but I almost feel like adding a 'warning: edited reality' badge to this site to avoid any confusion.

▶ everyone: I have to give D some of the credit for that Rufus shot as he was the one who pointed his little head out to me when I was taking some photos :)


Jeg kan virkelig godt li' din blog, Mette. Også pga. indlæg som dette.
kh Pernille

One real thing one can get jelous about you and your blog is your good eye for details though ;) thank you for amazing every day life inspiration - you are one of my favourites! Hope I can get better at seeing details too!

Jeg elsker din blog, netop fordi man bliver glad og tænker på hvor dejlig de små ting er (vil nogen sige) så som, lækkert mad, at bruge lang tid på en god kop kaffe og hvor dejlig hverdagen er, jeg er nemlig også et helt igennem hjemmemenneske:) Keep up the fantastic blogging:)

Rigtig dejligt indlæg. Det er nok sådan som de fleste blogger i dag - intet dårligt i dét - men jeg tror folk ofte glemmer det. Jeg savner også min gamle blog, hvor jeg postede billeder af alle de små ting, der gør mig glad. For sådan én er nemlig skøn at have :) tak for en darjlig blog!

♡ I agree with you whole-heartedly and I think this is a very important sentiment.

...and that's why i love reading your blog!!! Bravo!

I never coment anything because I'm very shy and do not speak good English (i use the google translator) but in this case, I want to tell you that your blog are often very inspiring to me.. and i know it is because beyond the everyday pics.. you share an special an sencible view of life, (unfortunately many people do not understand that. ) thanks for sharing! Saludos desde Argentina.

I LOVE your blog exactly for what it is Mette, thank you! fint skrivet. håller med. "personligt med inte privat" som det heter.

Et 'warning: edited reality' badge! Love it :-)

I was starting to write something that got longer and longer, so to summarize it a little I'd say: do the best out of what you see and experience everyday. Even if what you show was pure reality and in consequence, (almost) perfect, isn't it simply a good way for the readers to get great inspiration? (it should be and to me it is!! even if sometimes it makes me wish i wasn't so lazy)
btw: what kind of plant is that, up there? it's really cute!

a 'warning: edited reality' badge - I love that.

I love this post. I have followed your blog a long time and One of the things I've loved is that you are unashamed of the mess and chaos. And from that mess, there is a beauty and authenticity that shines through.

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