blossoms by Ungt Blod
Bird by Ungt Blod
blossoms by Ungt Blod


Friday I ignored my cold and my extremely busy schedule and went to a magical place in Copenhagen where I am embarrassed to say that I haven't been for 20 years!

More photos! Tomorrow!

▶ Everyone: thank you for all the well wishes!
▶ Maiken My: Jeg køber det i farvehandlere og hobbyforetninger


Amazing photos!, hope you feel better and have a lovely sunday!.

oh... i assume that trip made you feel better in the end? that's always the case with me... we also enjoyed some very beautiful spring flowers today!

it looks so beautiful

is it Tivoli? :D
i love that place! i was there with helloween, and it was magical.

Wow, sakura! Does this mean that spring has arrived there, too?

Take care. :-)

That is magic indeed! I truly love that last image. And am sad we didn't visit Tivoli when we were in Copenhagen. Good reason to go back!

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