three things

- Elinor helped make pizza dough the other day

- I like over-toasted bread. I grill it on our gas stove

- We had pretty ice-cream at the beach. It was rhubarb and it was good.


big fan of random blogging :)

Just wanted to say that I love your blog! Love to drop by here once in a while to have a peek to your beautiful world, thank you for the inspiration :) Btw rhubarb ice cream sounds amazing!

hvor kan man få sådan en smart brødrister til gasblusset? den er da helt fantastisk!

det medfører akutte store smil!

Mmm nice! grilled bread, pizza and ice-cream it sounds a bit like italy over there:-) i must look for a grilling item like that for the stove.

elinor starts to look a lot like you! so so nice she is! mmm, and icecream time here too!

Been a frequent vistor to your blog for a long time now. Love it.

But interested in your gas top toaster. I have never seen one like that. I love dark toast but I cook mine under a gas grill. Yours looks such an interesting utensil. Are they still made?


John (Melbourne)

That face - adorable :)

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