Photographs from Thank you, okay by Katie Merchant, on Ungt Blod
Photographs from Thank you, okay by Katie Merchant, on Ungt Blod
Photographs from Thank you, okay by Katie Merchant, on Ungt Blod
Photographs from Thank you, okay by Katie Merchant, on Ungt Blod

Thank you, ok

It is almost March and I am gonna update my list of favorites + my small selection of sites I would like to give a little more attention - You can find a small list of things I like at the bottom of the page.

These photographs are by Katie Merchant of Thank you, ok. I love this blog for it's beautiful interpretation of everyday life.

Katie has an incredible eye for color and composition and i want to eat, smell and touch everything she photographs!

Go dive into the archives:

Thank you, ok

▶ Anki: Thank you! I am often scared both of falling into a steady job and of taking a jump into something on my own at the same time. dilemma.
▶ Olalla: My master is called Digital Design and Communication and I am gonna do my thesis on (web)designprocess
▶ Gabija: It is both tough and exciting at the same time! decisions and possibilities
▶ Fenke: I think 'our society' - if you can say that - is making it harder to balance work and family than it need to be. It should be possible to do both with out being stressed out. I am looking for the magical formular
▶ Maria: Yes, that is true! and it exciting all the possibilites there is! I think it is important to know, that you can find your own mix of work and familylife - you don't have to follow the masses :)
▶ Sofie: Exactly!! often I am hardly done telling them what my thesis is about before they ask me: And THEN what are you gonna do! I don't know yet!!!
▶ Jana: ha ha - I love these ideas! I think we should each try to make our own unique business combination! the world needs more food/architecture/webdesign businesses!
▶ Sara Jensen: Yes! Online-pizza? could it be done?
▶ Anna: I know!!!
▶ Lisen: one of my demands to my future job: I need to work with my best friends and I want to be able to listen to podcasts and the radio while I work!
▶ Irene: I just hope that when I make a decision it is something I can actually do! something that can actually be my job!


Inspiration for the Week: read Murakami again!

Well, yes, this is a decision that has to be well-thought-out. After finishing my studies at university, I had to make a decision, too. I chose to become an elementary school teacher... in September, I'm going to start to work in a school and I'm so excited. I hope that I've made the right decision.
I discovered Jason Schwartzman in your first picture. I love the series "Bored To Death", but unfortunately it was cancelled last year.

Ohh thank you for sharing your list! I've been looking for some new blogs to read lately. :] Thank you, ok is such a lovely read!

I love every picture in this post. Great selection.

great selection! :)

like the demands! :) and these photos!

Tak for sharing your great list!

Ah - your link list is just awesome!

i'm reading 1Q84 too! are you enjoying 1t?

These are not my photos - they are Katies from Thank you, ok - so I am not reading the book, Katie is

I'm not sure if I should be thanking or cursing you for making my blog roll longer with your good stuff picks. This selection is great, and I'm looking forward to more!

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