darkness in the kids room by Ungt Blod
darkness in the kids room by Ungt Blod
darkness in the kids room by Ungt Blod

A moon in the darkness

A moon and a new bed moved into E's room. The bed is still just for show - and for getting used to. She will stay in her baby crib a bit longer
...just the thought of her deciding when to get out of bed herself...
But she is no baby no more. She sings along and does complicated jig saws and pretends to be Little My.

▶ MistressR: Don't think I have many tips and tricks - I am lucky to still be a student which means I can manage my time myself - the good thing about blogging is, that you really enjoy and become aware of the things you do. I am a homebody - I spend as much time at home as possible! We almost never go out and mostly just have people over for dinner once in a while.
▶ Mia Frida: I am afraid I am all out of Berlin photos for this round. Will have to go back some time soon


I love the view from your window. She is getting bigger, it happens so fast! But its a good thing too. Think so much fun you are going to have! Have a nice sunday :)

lille my på den absolut allersødeste & fineste måde. tillykke med den store pige & den tilhørende større seng.

I really like the last picture! I want to move right in and be a kid again.

I wanted to write the same sentence as Vesle Serena: I love the view from your window. It's really, really beautiful to see a gorgeous house and the sky :)

..but someone else is using the bed alright? (: In the second picture is another small hand in the background.

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