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Don't worry

I wish I could shake this feeling!

Seems like every Sunday I get the feeling that I am missing something important on my to do list - that something that should be done is forgotten!

I wish I could shake the feeling of being behind on things. I am the kind of person who worries for no reason and I am trying to work on that. Actually the diagram (the last photo) helps even if it is cheesy - I found it floating around the internet and I don't really know who to credit it to -do you?

The 'Currently' section in the footer has been updated with new things I like. It will be every month!

ps. the hazel nuts are for home made nutella.

▶ Ohhhappy and Everyone: The round label seller can be difficult to find, so here is a link
▶ Steph: Uhh their stuff looks really good!
▶ Sine: jep!


Oh! I love that "Categories" disappears into the blue.
I am also a worrier and I have lately been trying to follow the principles in that diagram, it really does help. Again cheesy, but I find "there's nothing to fear, but fear it's self" also helpful.

I love hazelnuts and I love Nutella, too. So I'm pretty sure that your spread will be absolutely delicious!

I like the cheezy diagram! It's a good reminder. I too worry too easily, but I think I'm getting better. Enjoy your nutella!

I'm allergic to hazelnuts, but dont worry, I can eat Nutella! :) Happy sunday!

home.made.nutella???? how? do tell, please.

Excellent diagram.
Your new design is so beautiful and functional!
I always love seeing your blog, love seeing your gorgeous little girl at the same stages in life as mine is.
and I'm very jealous of that nutella!

Home made Nutella?
Please tell me the recipe,
I would like to make it by my own!:D

Hi, I left a message here the other day. I've been wondering ever since if you might be interested in doing a Suggested Reading feature on my blog, perhaps suggesting a few books on graphic design you like. I can send you an email with more details, but I was thinking that your design skills are so impressive, you might have something to share with my readers that they could learn from. Let me know if you're interested and if I could email you more details. I'd appreciate it. <3

åh hasselnötter! brukar rosta dom i agavesirap. HUR gott som helst det också. MUMS! rolig liten figur där i slutet. positiv! :D

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