It's always sunday..

Hi! how are you? It's sunday! and it has been ...2.5 years since I last updated this place!
It's not that I'm gonna return to blogging now. I don't think so, at least.
But the past 6-8 months I have been doing more and more creative stuff.
Specifically, as you know if you follow me on instagram, I have gotten in to knitting!

Last year I decided one of my new years resolutions would be to knit "something real" - which means something from an actual recipe - something I would actually use.
I have knitted scarfs before - I mean I knew how to do the most basic knit and purl stitch - but I had never done anything more complicated and it bugged me that I felt too stupid to handle a knitting recipe.

Knitting recipes really are pretty unfriendly - seemingly written in a secret code that seems complicated even if the code is explained to you. But it was time to figure out if I would ever be able to break that code!

So in October last year I knitted my first sweater and I basically haven't stopped knitting since.

I guess that is why I am back here - seems wrong that none of the many knits I have made are shown here.

Here is the first couple of knits I did

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