Day 6

On our only really rainy day we went to Kichijoji and walked through inokashira park to the Ghibli museum.

We have a deep love for the Ghibli movies -especially Totoro, Ponyo and Kiki's delivery service are favorites with everyone in our house (T just learned how to say Totoro and will sing along and dance to the japanese theme song

The museum has this set up where you need to buy your tickets in advance - way way in advance - through a dealer - often a travel agency - in your country. And when we looked up tickets more than a month in advance, all of april was sold out! It was a big dark cloud over our trip planning, but then a friend suggest we ask our airbnb host to help out - see, there are also tickets for sale in japan - through ticket machines at Lawsons, but those are completely in Japanese and you can't really operate them if you can't read the language. But our sweet sweet airbnb host agreed to trying to get us tickets and it worked out! She was a complete lifesaver!

So we got to go to the magical and quite secretively museum that does not allow any indoor photography, but where we got to see all our favorite characters and wonder around the beautiful building that is build for exploring - and especially for kids exploring - walking up a narrow stairway inside a clock tower. Elinor was even more lucky as she got to go play inside - and on top of - a giant Cat bus. A dream come true!

When we got out of the museum the sky had cleared and even though the swan boats at inokashira park were still closed, the sunshine on the cherry blossoms was magnificent.

We ended the day with the most amazing beef I have ever had at Steak house Satou.

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