A large part of our apartment is actually taken up by stairs - You enter the apartment at the ground floor and are immediately met by a flight of stairs before you reach the first floor where our bedrooms are + then there are the stairs between the first and the second floor where our living room and kitchen is. The stair case isn't shared with the other apartment in the house, so we really wanted to use the space and make it feel like part of our home.

When we moved in the walls were painted white and red and stairs are checkered grey. Grey and red might be my least favourite color combo so it was close to painful living with that color for almost a year until we finally could priorities painting the walls (when you don't have a bathroom or kitchen, bad color combos are not at the top of the list).
We don't have the money to change the floors at the moment - I don't mind the grey pattern, but I would rather have either wood or maybe even carpeted stairs since that would make the feel more like a part of the house. When I was a kid I loved hanging out on our carpeted stairs.

We painted over the red with a super dark blue and I love the way it looks ...though I am contemplating repainting them a little bit more blue and the walls light grey.. wall colors are that hardest to get right, I think! ..which might be why we default to white 90% of the time.

The absolute high light of the stair case though, are the tiles by the entrance. The floor right by the door was a different type of linoleum so when I saw these victorian style tiles and fell in love with them, it seem to be the perfect spot. It classes up the entrance for sure and was a manageable area to tile - also cost-wise; those tile ain't cheap, but they are also great quality - colored ceramic throught and through (instead of glazed which can chip). Even though laying tiles in a pattern like this demands a bit of planning, I was surprised that it didn't take me more than two days to finish.

I still want to do more to incorporate the stair case into our home - maybe a book case on one of the landings? and more pictures on the walls! but already it is such an upgrade.

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