The Details

I am in love with all the brass in our bathroom.
You can't really be a perfectionist with brass - you have to embrace that patina it gets from being used. We give it a quick polish every once in a while, but otherwise let it be.
Anywhere we couldn't avoid brass (3 small fittings) we have painted them white instead.

The lamp was a scoop on a flea market in Berlin and I love the lock that says "free" or "occupied", which took ages to find.

The most controversial thing about the bathroom is probably the lack of storage. We have spend months looking for something that fit in, but since it is a narrow room, it is really hard to find the right cupboard. Instead we have limited ourselves to two shelfs and 5 small boxes. Right now it fits all we need - hair dryer not included - we will see if we ever find the perfect storrage.

Oh yeah, and those pristine white bottles of shampoo? I don't spend a lot of money on products - but I care about how the bottles look I buy the cheap stuff with no perfume and remove the labels

➜ sarah carlson: Tusind tak!
➜ Lea: Thank you! I am so happy with the colors too


Jeg skulle lige til at spørge, hvor du havde opdrevet den seje lås henne. Men jeg gætter på, det er et brugt fund?

Great job! I love your new home.

Det er blevet så smukt. Alle detaljerne er meget fine og kombinationen af fliser fungerer virkelig godt, synes jeg. Plus god idé med sæbeflaskerne !

I love following your apartments journey.

Love it. Handtaget! så fint!

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