This is the room I'm the most proud of - probably because I was completely out of my comfort zone with this project and thought it would kill me a couple of times.

When we bought the apartment it was completely run down, but the biggest show stopper was the ... no bathroom situation. The whole house had been functioning as a one-family-house until now and the only bathroom was in the basement, and therefore not at a part of our apartment. There was the worlds smallest toilet and some possible water damage from when the previous owner had tried to install a temporary shower, but that was it.

So for 1 year, while the house deal was making al kinds of trouble and while Theo was a newborn and until I had finished the kitchen and the bathroom, we showered in the basement. In our neighbors part of the house. For 1 year. When in a situation like that, we couldn't have asked for better neighbors. They were so overwhelmingly cool with it and didn't make us feel bad about the situation once (they knew about it when they bought their part, but non of us knew how long it would take).

We had contractors take down the old toilet and put up new walls + doing the water proofing of the whole room and then I installed the tiles and shower ect.
I haven't tried anything as ...challenging DIY-wise. Or should I just say HARD. It probably didn't help that I was on maternity leave with little T at the time, which means I did most of the work between 8PM and 02AM..

We decided to extend the existing toilet into the next room. It was pretty much the only option, if we didn't want to lose a whole room. We spent a lot of time planning how to lay it out (at one point even considering a full size bathtub) and picking out tiles and faucets ect. We ended up making a build-in tub in the end of the room - We use the tub mostly for the kids, but it can fit a grown up too - thought you can't stretch out, and functions really well as a spacious shower.

We had two starting points for the style of the room: The pink water bassin and the lamp (...which you can see in the details post coming up). We bought the old pink Ifö water bassin used with a matching shelf and once we really started planning, we realized it was very hard to find a perfect water faucet to match the pink. I almost gave up, but I'm so happy we finally settled on using brass for everything in the bathroom - no chrome in sight. The faucet and shower is from the classic series called Christiansborg, made for the danish parliament in 1930, by the company Toni. We ended up finding the two small shelves and the towel hook from the same old Ifö serie,s so they match the pink color perfectly.

The brass style ended up inspiring our choice in tiles too - actually we changed our minds multiple times both about layout and colors, but I am so happy with our final choice - it suits the house very well.

We bought the door from the same place as the water bassin - genbyg, a store the resells used building materials - I really love the window that brings a bit of light from the bathroom into the hall on the other side.

The two pictures are by Josephine Kyhn and Nick Cave.

I will share detail shots in a post tomorrow :-)

See the livingroom
See the kitchen
See the blue prints


Wow, hvor imponerende! So flot :)

Chapeau, Mette! This is perfect, I love the colours, such a nice choice!! Take care, Lea

Det er ren perfektion, og jeg elsker at det er så gennemført jer. Tillykke med det smukke resultat.

Wow I love the pink sink. Not in your face pink but a beautiful touch in the room! Very nice!

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