A heart so heavy

One week ago, last friday, Rufus, our sweet, beautiful dog, very suddenly got very ill.
He had multiple seizures and we stayed up with him all night. When the morning came, he no longer tried to get up.
We took him to the vet, but there was nothing more to do.
We never found out what was wrong with him, but saturday afternoon we gave him peace.

The loss feels huge, the house feels empty.
He was the best dog I have ever known.


Det er er jeg virkelig meget ked af at høre! At miste en sin hund må være noget af det værste - jeg selv frygter den dag, hvor jeg ikke længere har min hund.. Sender gode hunde tanker og føler med jer...
KH Emilia (og Ulla-Tofu)

Neeeej så fruktansvärt. :( Jag beklagar verkligen.

Søde Rufus :(

Kære Mette. Det gør mig så inderligt ondt at høre.
Kh. Malene

Åh nej, det er en kær ven at miste. De firbenede har det med at slå lejr i vores hjerter.

I am so sorry for your loss :-(.

Oh No, not lovely Rufus! This is such sad news Xx
I'm so very sorry for your loss, I have a whippet too, a girl called Lottie - I can't imagine life without her :(
Thinking of you all & sending much love XxXx

Åh nej, hvor sørgeligt! Han ser jo så god og rar ud den lille vuf :(

Deepest condolences. Loved to see his photos over the years I have followed your blog. Lovely dog, I know how much you will miss him, I will as well.

:( I'll miss sweet Rufus here on this blog. Losing a beloved animal is so painful. Love for you & your family. xx

I am really so so sorry. I was thinking of Rufus the past couple of days and that I haven't been to the blog for quite a while. Now I see why he was in my thoughts so much. May he rest in peace. All of my most sincere condolences to you and your family :(

Oh no! Poor Rufus. So sorry for your loss.
Sending love + hugs.

oh no! i just read this... this is so so sad. it always makes me angry dogs can't get very old. it's just not fair... keep well x

So sorry for the loss of Rufus...

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