E's room - Ungt Blod
E's room - Ungt Blod
E's room - Ungt Blod
E's room - Ungt Blod


Even though the house situation is still way more messy than it should be we have slowly started renovating this old worn down house. In E's room the floors were too damage to sand, so instead we painted them white. Now she has a big and bright room - The biggest room besides the kitchen/living room.

So far our plan is that the baby will start out in our bedroom and then move to E's room. Right now she loves the idea of sharing a room with her kid sister or brother - we will see if it still makes sense when the time comes, but since it is such a big room I like the idea of them sharing it while they are little.

Anyone of you have experience with kids sharing rooms?

Irene: So exciting, hope everything goes well with you and the baby soon to be (or maybe already here?) I am getting to that point when it is so damn hard to get comfortable anywhere. I guess it is all part of the plan to make labour less scary.
UPDATE: Wait, what am I thinking! you already gave birth to a sweet son! Just revisited your instagram and remembered the beautiful foot print! Big congratulations!


My 2 boys are sharing, and have done so since the youngest was 6 months. Sometimes they wake each other up, but most of the time the grunts and tosses and turns during the night mean that they keep each other feeling safe during the night. All in all, we all really like this solution (and I shared a room with my younger brother, who is just over a year younger than me, until we were almost 7 and 8 and we looooved it!)

I have all 3 of my boys sharing a room (ages 9, 7 and 3). The 9 and 7 year olds have bunk beds and the little one has a toddler bed. It is actually quite cosy and I like that they are used to being together! Congrats on the baby in progress ;)

Oh, my kids love sharing a room. In fact we are moving to a much bigger house and they dont want to split up! I think that is a great bonding experience that is well worth it! xxo

My kids also love sharing a room! A boy and a girl, now aged 6 and 10! They actually have their own separate rooms, but when our boy got a bunk bed, his older sister decided to move in and sleep there :-)
I know how hard it is renovating and trying to stay positive through the process. But everything goes and usually it all works out so good in the end! I`ve also had a newborn in the house while we were renovating our bathroom, and I`ve had to boil water for the kids to have a warm bath in a basin in the kitchen...but now we have our bright, warm and beautiful bathroom.
I wish you good luck with house, pregnancy and life in general <3

Min lillebror og jeg havde hver vores værelse, men jeg savnede ham, så vi sov alligevel ved siden af hinanden i hans værelse:) Helt til jeg var 7 og han var 3:)

Oh, thank you, Mette, I just found and read your nice words. Yes, my little baby boy arrived on March 1st. I'm so happy to be a mum now, it cannot be compared to anything else :)

I shared a room with my sister till i moved out with nineteen. As we were young it was perfect! We both liked to play our own games before sleeping and had both good memories.
Later when we get older, we wanted both more privacy and quarreled - but till ten oder twelve it was really good!

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