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Sunday breakfast by ungt blod


It's hard to get in to the habit of blogging again. Actually what is hard is getting in to the habit of using my dslr again and I am not really content with this blog turning in to a reiteration of what I have already posted on instagram -just slightly bigger and more rectangular than square. Like it is today.
It might also be hard to get back into blogging again since - sigh - our house situation is still still still complicated.
I am getting really good at not letting things get to me - like the fact that I am 7 months pregnant and we still have not settled everything with the house and might not have a bathroom by the time the baby arrives. Good thing babies can actually live almost anywhere and don't really need a bathroom.. right.

So bare with me.


Mette, I feel the same because I currently only blog Instagram-photos I took with my phone. Well, well. My baby could arrive anytime... enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy, although you have much else to think about!

oh mette, i wish you all the best. that the house situation will be easy soon and that the hmm will be a yeah! and of course all the best for the last weeks of pregnancy.
take care!

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