Wishbone - Wegner - Ungt Blod
Our CH25 chairs - Wegner - Ungt Blod
Black CH25 - Wegner - Ungt Blod
Shell Chair - Wegner - Ungt Blod


One of my favorite classic Danish designers Hans Wegner would have turned 100 this year. We are lucky enough to have inherited two CH25 chairs from my parents (though ours are not black like the one in this post :-))

▶ Skatoprama: Thank you so much!
▶ Siri: Ha ha, yeah that is true - we definitely needed more space if we wanted to grow the family! The timing is a bit bad with all the renovations we need to do, but hey, you can't live your life by timing :-)
▶ Sofia: Thank you and to you too
▶ Tin.e: Very exciting!
▶ Irene: Uh congratulations! That is soon!
▶ Ania: Thank you so much


beautiful pair of chairs!
and i really like the round floor light too:)

wishbone chair is my all-time favourite.

Har du et ikea/art rebels samarbejdet?
De har lavet noget ret fint tapet :)

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