Christmas by Ungt Blod
Christmas by Ungt Blod
Christmas by Ungt Blod
Family by Ungt Blod
Christmas by Ungt Blod
Family by Ungt Blod

erhm.. Merry Christmas?

And happy new years everyone!

I am back from a lovely little christmas vacation where i vowed to take more photos but did the opposite :-)

I also shared the good news on instagram that our little family will grow in the new year! (I immediately felt like I was cheating on the blog by posting just to instagram, but such are the times)
The past 6 months have been so crazy and being pregnant on top of all of our house troubles was ..well stressful to say the least. That is why this new years actually came to signify a lot of change for me - moving a way from chaos and into just living in this space and making it ready for our growing family. The baby is set to arrive some time in april and we surely have a lot of work to get done by then ..for example a complete bathroom so we no longer need to borrow the shower in the basement! But at least it will be about creating and renovating and hopefully less about worrying and leaving your future in the hands of others.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy News Years to those of you who have stuck around here! Can't wait to share more in the new year.

▶ Irene: Thank you - it has some good potential for sure
▶ anna crimewave: It is from our trip to Tokyo some time ago - I really want to go back some day soon and pick up more crazy stuff
▶ stefania: Hope you made it! - our christmas eve turned out so nice


what great news!!! happy new year and wish all the best for the new baby coming :)

Yea! Great news, congratulations! Of course, from personal experience, moving into a larger home usually means a new family member is on the way, so I had a hunch that was the underlying secret in your family. Good luck with the renovations!

Congratulations! That's great news! Happy new year, I wish you and your family all the best for 2014.

oh mette, congratulations! sounds as it's gonna be a very exciting year - all the best for you and your family!

Christmas time in your home is cozy, Mette! I'm pregnant, too. My baby will be born in late February, I suppose :) All the best for 2014, it will be a fabulous year!

Congratulations!:)) Happy New Year!! And all the best :))

Wonderful news, Mette! That made my day! :))

So happy to read the news (even if a bit late!) Congratulations on the new member of your lovely family :) and Happy new year!

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