Ungt Blod -
Ungt Blod -
Ungt Blod -

Don't worry

We are alright - no news to share just yet, we are still stuck in a limbo, but there is still hope.

▶ Mummi: Kys
▶ Katrin: Thank you so much
▶ Hanna: Thank you - the good thing is that I have not had a moment of time to think of the old apartment since we moved
▶ Serena: Tak!
▶ Anki: Thank you, Anki.
▶ Ania: Thank you - hope the luck gets here soon :-)
▶ Marion: Thank you
▶ Alice: Thank you - We still have hope it will work out


Lovely photos and such a beautiful evening sky.

Krysser fingrene for dere!! xx

Jeg er så vild med din blog - æstetik på højt plan!

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