Always time for animals

We were at the zoo one hot evening in June. The polar bears ate a rabbit and the lions ate a zebra. The giraffes just ate the grass you handed them.

I have basically stopped bringing my camera to everyday stuff and only bring it places I know there will be photo ops - like the zoo.
That annoys me.
I like pictures of everyday stuff at least as much, but I also love not carrying around the dslr and still having a camera in my pocket.

▶ Malene: tusind tak! Kan næsten ikke holde alle de store beslutninger ud.
▶ Sofie: I am not sure either, but thank you! It is bitter sweet to leave this place for sure.
▶ petal and plume: thank you :-) I have no plans to stop blogging completely - even with the slow pace I am taking these days.
▶ Julia: Thank you so much for the sweet comment.


Vildt nok, at Zoo sådan har zebraer på lager, som de kan fodre løverne med...1

beautiful zoo fotos!
i love the giraffes!
a lovely blog you have!

I got a tiny point & shoot for just the everyday stuff. smaller than the dslr but still better than a phone camera...

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