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A home

We have taken a huge step this last week - A totally exciting and thrilling step, but also something that makes me feel a bit sad.

Because, boy, am I gonna miss this place!

We have put our sweet, light, and amazing apartment up for sale. It has been such a good home to us over the past 7 years, but even though it is best the utilized 55 m2 in the world, it is becoming a bit too small for the three of us - and Rufus.

Let me know, if you know anyone looking to buy a home in Copenhagen.


Det er ultimativt den flotteste boligpræsentation, jeg nogensinde har set. Jeg ville elske at bo der. Tillykke med den nye beslutning.

not sure what people say on this occasion but i think something like 'congratulations!' is in order... and good luck with the house-hunting too :)

i can't get enough of your blog. i adore everything about it. never end, please?

Hey Mette! I really like your place but i also understand that it becomes to small for you guys... I'm looking forward to see what apartment or house you find next. I would love to visit Copenhagen one day, it must be a great city.

Best wishes from Germany


Flot præsentation....hvem har malet jetes cykelrytter? :-)

Det har min far :-)