Goodbye 2012

Too busy. In general.
Too busy to even finish this homage to 2012 - its already mid February and I haven't moved on yet!
Well -I am going to kill off 2012 today with all the moments I wanted to re-share with you and see if I then find the will to take some photographs of 2013!

▶ Natalia: It is an Olympus e510 with the standard lens that came with the camera. I wish for a better one... and a better lens
▶ Annick: I wish I could send you one!
▶ Johanna Retrolover: thank you!
▶ Walk On Wood: I made it myself :-)
▶ Polly: Oh I hope that for you too - want to go back again!
▶ s t e F a N i a: Sigh indeed


please do, cause i miss your blogging! :)

Of anything in the world, i need a moomin baking tin!

yes, me too. blueberry-moomin...awesome!


Where have you bought your stickers to the shoe cases from IKEA?

Hi, I have made them myself -cut from self stick folio!

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