Goodbye 2012

I hung out at home a lot - making nice lunches and painting porcelain. Strange to think how much time I used to spend at home. It is probably what I miss the most after starting my job at Podio.

I also thrifted a bit and got an amazing present from sweet Dessa

▶ s t e f a N i a: I would do it again :-)
▶ when skies are grey: I am so glad you did too! Glad you like the layout - It just turned 1 years old :-)
▶ Marie: Yep! must visit when in kreuzberg
▶ Iris Vank: I agree


i love your porcelain! what kind of colors do you use? and of course, good machinery rocks!
good morning :)

oye! it was sooo fun packing it all :)

The porcelain is awesome! What paint did you use? Please DIY me.

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