Goodbye 2012

I am finally ready to say goodbye to 2012 here on the blog.

I started out the year with new years sushi and finish the complete redesign of this blog.
This home suits me so well and even if I don't have the same time to photograph and blog it is nice to have a home on the net.

▶ s t e F a N i a: yes fog becomes beautiful through the lens
▶ Malin: Tak!
▶ Polly: I love the little windows we get in to other peoples worlds through blogs
▶ Betty: Glad you liked winter! often we end up complaining about the cold
▶ Elaine: Thank you!


Ih de net, altså! Og forsinket godt nytår :)

these pictures are so brill! x

Kan man købe et net? :)

your ungt blod tote has been travelling around europe with me this year, still love it, thanks again! :)

I want a bag!!

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