You can visit the animals in the previous post + these wonderful dinosaurs skeletons and many mores at Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. It was a really full of beauty and strangeness and Elinor loved it!

▶ Judith, Agnes, Sophie: All the animals were so beautiful and at the same time it was such a strange set up
▶ Lise W: Syntes helt sikkert det kan anbefales!
▶ fraeuleinwunderberln: ha ha, I will try your suggestion on my next visit
▶ Ida: Er aldrig blevet skuffet hos Aunt Benny
▶ Martina: It is so nice because eating out in Denmark is so expensive!
▶ Mariela: Thank you!
▶ tin.e: I like your view on it! Glad you had a good Christmas - happy new year!


Love this!!

This is my favorite museum! I absolutely love the bird section and the stone collection... could spend hours in there.

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