Go to Berlin - Eat - Drink - Repeat

As I said yesterday, we basically do the same thing each time we visit Berlin. Here are some of our regular stops:

We eat crispy springrolls and everything else we can get our hands on at Monsieur Vuong

We a l w a y s have brunch and coffee at Aunt Benny

And lots more coffee at Passenger Espresso -either in Kreuzberg or at the market at Boxhagener Platz

We have pizza at il Ritrovo

Burgers! Somewhere! Anywhere! This is at Burgeramt

Sushi! Somewhere! Anywhere! This is a favorite - Maru

▶ Marie: One of my favorites in the whole world :-)
▶ Yasmin: Yes, actually :-) - we sat outside with E sleeping in her strollers!
▶ Silvia: Put it on your list every year! -or go somewhere else and report back so I can keep going to Berlin and still not miss out
▶ Annick G: Very much so


Jeg kan se, at vi har flere Berlin favoritter til fælles. Berlin er bare den bedste by at spise i! Jeg får altid lyst til at flytte ind hos Aunt Benny, det er perfektion!

Ahh Berlin - it's always such a culinary adventure. :D I will be checking out those places next time I'm there! x

ha, you visit my "kiez" :) aunt benny is my living room, il ritrivo and burgermeister my dinning room :) have fun and take a lunch at michelberger hotel

So much good food and beautiful photos, perfect!


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