One step at a time

A little more from Christmas before moving on to our Berlin trip and New Years.

On the 23rd - Little Christmas Eve as it is called in Denmark - a snow storm dressed the country in white and we went for a walk in the storm out to visit my fathers sister. She serves too much delicious food than anyone can eat and fed my nostalgia.

She lives on the lovely snowy road in the second photo.

▶ Ida: Det er fantastisk og lidt overvældende - er glad for at jeg ikke lagde for mange planer, men mere go with the flow
▶ Kira: Har være totalt traditionsbunden - alt skulle være på præcis samme måde, men til det hørte også det hus vi boede i og på den måde er det lettere at give slip - Den gamle jul kan aldrig blive det samme, men den kan godt være fantastisk hyggelig alligevel
▶ Martina: Thank you so much - that means a lot to hear


So beautiful! Happy new year Mette, to you and all your lovely family.

Looks like you made you & your sweet family's Christmas a very special one :)
Rufus looks contented too :)
Change can be hard, but I suppose that's how life works - looks like you've adapted well - Happy New Year Mette :)

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