My Christmas

This year's Christmas has been so different for me in many ways.

Having a full time job meant not much time to get in the christmas mood through December - I didn't do any decorations until last minute (Don't worry - D did some decorating with Elinor and we sang Christmas songs, had a calendar candle in a decorations I made with Elinor in kinder garten - she didn't miss out on anything)

We were all sick for over a week and my coughing ended up hurting my back (!!) which has been bugging me since

...and then this year was the first Christmas after my parents left my much beloved childhood home! It was the first Christmas we had in out own home, with our own tree and me cooking Christmas dinner! B I G stuff!

It was very different and very strange for sure - I missed my family (D's family visited, but I did not see my parents or sister all Christmas) and it felt like an almost too big responsibility to create a real, traditional and magical christmas from scratch!

But the tree looked good, and Elinor was happy, and the cooking went very well and it was a really good Christmas. It was a good start for new traditions.

(ps. I have now embraced the fact that the best camera is the one that is with you and the fact that I enjoy using my phone as a way of catching little moments)

▶ Fenne: Thank you so much
▶ Anja: You too!
▶ Ida: Ja, virkelig! især når man ofte er den der gemmer sig bag linsen
▶ Mariela Ramos: And to you too!
▶ Marta: I am so happy with that shot
▶ Celena: Tak, I am so happy to hear that!
▶ mieke willems: Happy new years and many well wishes for you too!


BIG stuff! Men det må netop også være hyggeligt med en chance for at skabe sine egne traditioner. I år introducerede min svigermor en ny tradition, og det var rigtig godt, synes jeg. Noget med alle at have et lille lys og se, hvis der brændte længst. Og mht kameraet så lever vi nok med iPhone billeder sommetider.

Tillykke med at have holdt din første familiejul på egen hånd :) Jeg er helt enig med Ida i at det må være fedt at kunne skabe sine egne traditioner, men samtidig også skræmmende - hvis man er ligeså traditionsbunden til jul, som jeg er i hvert fald.
Elsker dit julevindue på første billede :)

Big changes can be a bit scary, but it seems like you had an awesome time anyway! I always like looking at your 'little moments', whether they were taken by a camera or a phone. Your pics always seem so 'genuine'. Happy New Year! x

it was my first christmas without my family, too. on christmas eve i had a wonderful time with two dear friends...
i think we all had a weird feeling about this in the beginning, but it was a very special day and evening.
as much as i do love the traditions of our family on christmas - it was also nice to do some things in my own way. and like you said, to start some new traditions...

love and beauty in 2013 for you and your beloved ones.

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