facebook is out to ruin instagram and I am in no mood for it

▶ s t e F a N i a: Thank you! actually still feel sick, but you can't lay in bed for ever I guess..
▶ marta: I love art that inspires you but it is not always obvious why


Som barn elskede jeg at køre med S tog forbi elværket på det sidste billede. Det er en flot og lidt fascinerende bygning.

I was reading the new regulations but did not finish yet. I am too tired right now. Where will i find the terrible part? Facebook is already annoying me for many reasons and I am thinking of quitting my account. Even if you do though, all you have posted remains around for ages in the net somewhere.
I am afraid is too late for real privacy and proctecting our work/pictures.

These are awesome. I like both, becaus of their calm radiance. I'm happy I'm not at Facebook. Have a happy day! :)

This is so bad! I think we can't just let this happen. Can we all move to another place?

i don't understand why they always feel the need to take a perfectly good system and mess it all up. myspace used to be great but then they changed it into some kind of a monster and now it's just a jumble with no sense at all. facebook too is getting sillier and sillier. and now instagram... i'm so pissed! i so loved instagram the way it's been:(

beautiful photos, by the way! gorgeous, actually!
(and the pink in the middle is probably my favourite colour. or the first runner up:D)

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