The museum Aros is also the permanent home of Ron Muecks' huge sculpture Boy. It is inspiringly strange!

Right now the whole family is down with the flu. We watch Pippi Longstocking movies from the 1970ies and try to get a lot of sleep while dishes and work builds up in huge stacks

▶ Leanne: It was so cute -love visiting the cows!
▶ Flora: Thank you Flora!
▶ Fenne: Calfs are so cute! there are always a ton of small calfs on that farm
▶ Kira: Tak!
▶ Anna: So were we!
▶ Ellen: Thank you so much - Well, I am a web designer so I have built this site myself, but all I can tell you is that you can teach yourself a lot of good stuff -try to learn css for example! code is fun!


the sculpture Boy is so intriguing! best wishes, get well soon!

It does look strangely inspiring;)

i am reading a biography of Astrid Lindgren, I really loved all her books and we also watched all the movies during the christmas time...I saw the full Ron Mueck exhibition in melbourne in 2010, his sculptures are simply amazing, so real!

The work of Ron Muecks is so unique!

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