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The images are from my trip to my parents summer house where we got to see a little calf born the same morning That was the first snow of the year - today we had an almost snow storm and I got to both watch it from the warm inside during the storm and play in it with the whole family + dog afterwards.

▶ Flora Douville: Yes,it is a huge circle on the top of the museum building and you walk from color to color - so simple and lovely
▶ S t E f a N i a: I love it because its both simple and stunning + the rest of the museum is really good as well
▶ Tinselwig: I sort of wish I had brought my dslr to take some better photos of it
▶ Louise: Det skal jeg huske at skive om
▶ Marta: It is a really good museum to visit if you are in that part of the country


Beautiful images! Each one being simple yet strong.

Beautiful pictures, love the snow.and wat a cute calf...

Utroligt smukke billeder :)

I love these photos. I feel quite moved looking at the newborn calf, so sweet.

I like your blog, I like your blog!! <3
How did you made this site? Can you learn me some nice things?:)

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