Olafur Eliasson

I am loving instagram and phone photography in general even more (I know you didn't think that was possible) after getting my phone upgraded and thereby having a much better camera in my pocket at all times - one of these days I will share a bit more about the apps I like to use.

These photos are were all taken with my phone.

This weekend I spend in my parents summerhouse and on our way back to Copenhagen we stopped by the museum Aros in Aarhus to visit Olafur Eliasson's Your Rainbow which is just such a 'simple' and lovely experience walking from one color to another.

I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

▶ Martine: Thank you - I love that comparison
▶ Sofie: Thank you so much
▶ Aya: Thank you! I am afraid it is one of a kind :-)
▶ Evie: Binding is a nice way to add some colors!


Waw, these corridors look amazing! So you walk in circle and see the whole city in bright colours? I'd like that :)

Looks really great, I must visit that.

Looks amazing!

Yay! Det ser fantatisk smukt ud :) Glæder mig til at gøre om dine apps!

I've wanted to visit this rainbow place since it opened! Wow!!!! I love the illusion in the last photo!

love the light
nice when is cloudy day

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