Spleen United x Nokia x You

I was invited to played along over at The Open Song Project where the danish band Spleen United have teamed up with Nokia to show off both Nokia's new camera focused phone Lumia 920 and Spleen United's new song Hibernation. The twist is, that Hibernation hasn't been released yet - instead everyone can to create their own version of the song by combining 16 different sound and video tracks.

I quickly got sucked in to spending hours playing around with the tracks trying to makes songs out of sound bites and playing with the possibility of creating two very different songs from the same material - you can hear mine version here + you should create your own version too: On december 1st the Spleen United version of Hibernation is released and a contributor to the Open Song Project will win the Nokia Lumia 920 and more goodies.

Go try it out if you like fiddling with sounds

▶ Anja: I know! He should dress up more often
▶ Sandra: Aw wish we could bring him in december
▶ Ti (matimuk): Wish I could repeat it
▶ Sara Jensen: Wondered if it is a special danish pattern - waffles have looked like this all my childhood :-)
▶ Kasia: I will let him know
▶ SpoedieZ: It is such a good day! No expectations of big events, just hanging out


So cool! Love your take on it, I think you may have a secondary career path available to you here ;)

Maybe. Everything is better when Danish.

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