D and E had our friends over for combined birthday lunch and cake party.
I took more photos with my phone than with my camera - you can see them at

▶ Lisen: Me too - I can just reblog my whole blog history until I feel like picking up my camera again!
▶ Martina: I know - so young and so cheeky in that photo
▶ Marta: Love that photo too!


Ohh look at that party food spread, especially the big chunk of cheese and salami. :) I've been taking more phone photos than camera photos these days, too.

Never saw that lamp in your House before, but it fits. One of those Things you can just like or totally dislike, nothing in between. Hanging here, too btw :)

I think that you are very close to being my Copenhagen twin.

i'd love to be at one of your dinner parties. the food always looks so amazing!

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