Still feeling sort of quiet over here, but I think it is okay!

I still eat pizza as often as I can

I still love working with the view of our photo wall

I still love dots. a lot.

▶ Gareth: Thank you for your comment. The subject is certainly a both complex and important one for everyone who share online. I believe that there are many different ways of sharing your life including pictures of your child and I can assure you that I am completely comfortable with the way that I share photos of my daughter. I started writing you a long answer with all my thoughts on this subject, but really it is a discussion best had face to face - too many nuances and details. I am the parent of my daughter which means I make choices for her every single day and I do not take that responsibility lightly. I hope you will continue to enjoy my photography and share your thoughts


I always love your pizza pics.. do you think you'll ever share your pizza recipe? It looks amazing! x

Pizza er skønt! Og sikke en fantastisk billedvæg..

Så er alt jo ved det gamle :) God søndag til dig - gid min inkluderede pizza.

I agree the pizza looks lovely and I wish I had a piece to taste ;-)

Nice colors! :) Your pizza always looks amazing.

Those shoes are incredible! Your wall is incredible! And the pizza - I desperately want to eat it! And drink your coffee!
P.S. I have to use my fingers to do the maths questions sometimes... embarrassing!

Mmm pizza, one of my favourite dishes! Especially the home made ones.
The photo wall looks really inspiring, and such fun shoes!

I still love your shoes :)
(mine er allerede helt smadrede)

we eat pizza very often too right now..G learned to bake such great pizzas with pear and hazelnuts apricot marmelate and...ädelost (whats that in english??) its sooooo very nice! tips!
lovley shoes! and the wall! hope youre week will be great!

Runners. Wall. Pizza. Love it all.

Wonderful! There is somebody else out there who is as addicted to Pizza as we are (especially on Sundays evenings;-)
It looks so delicious, seems like you have traditional stone oven?
Compliments to your blog, love browsing through it...

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