We Went to the Zoo

My parents visited this weekend and we went to the zoo in pouring rain. I decided to take the advice from Sandra and battle my low photography mojo by playing around - not with home made filters like Sandra suggested, but simply play around with photoshop a bit more. Animals make it easy :-)

▶ everyone: Thank you for the really great comments on the last post! I was so good to hear from all of you. I too think that instagram and so on plays a roll in my feelings about photography these days - I feel very inspired by instagram, but as I said before it challenges the blog a bit. Another thing is, that fall means less light and new job means not being able to use my camera when it actually is light out. We will see! I appreciate your comments a lot, that is for sure!


nice and so colorful :)

Ha! I'm so happy that you got your photo-mojo back. :D

Animals DOES make it easier! I always take pictures of the cats whenever I feel like I can't find or capture anything worth while through my lens. It's my fall back option ;)

Love the "cut-off" giraffes!

i agree, the giraffes are brilliant!

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