Okay, so it does feel like my mojo has gone a little - not my blogging mojo, but my photography mojo.

It feels a bit too much like a struggle these days. And yes, my first thought is that a new camera would change everything. Silly thought. Silly expensive thought.

Haven't decided whether to just go with it or to challenge myself instead.

▶ Flora: Thank you - Late birthday wishes are almost even better! Have a lovely new week!
▶ Louise: Der var et hul i mit hjerte indtil det sidste tillykke var faldet
▶ STEFANIE: Fall birthdays FTW


Feeling exactly the same - - even the new camera bit. I'm sure we'll get it back....have a nice Sunday.

I feel exactly the same way. But I can't figure if it might be because all of a sudden it seems that everyone around me photographs and instagrams and posts and tweets stuff all the time. And so I feel less compelled to document things, or something. All that said, as a reader, I haven't noticed a decline in inspiration and creativity on your blog. Just so you know:)

I feel the same & I agree with Sarah! I feel like no one is really 'in the moment' anymore, people seem to document everythin, everyone is constantly taking pictures & checking their smartphones. I've never really been into photography myself (even though I love being inspired by beautiful pics - like yours! :) because it always felt like a bit of a struggle. So what did I do last week? Started a new blog... Doesn't really make sense, does it? Oh well, I promised myself that I won't turn into one of those social-media-dependent people.. I'll just take pics when the mood will strike me. Your pics (always) rock btw! xxx

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