Thank you

I know that some people find it silly, but I love how social media and blogging has turned birthdays in to such a.. social thing :-) Being congratulated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here on the blog is the best! Thank you so much for the sweet comments! Even if Instagram won in numbers this year, this places is still the most important to me on the internet! Thank you so much for reading along, I am so happy that you still keep coming back!

(The roses are from my aunt; She is some of the only family we have here in Copenhagen and every year since we moved here 10 years ago she has stopped by on my birthday!

▶ Verónica: I am afraid that this was some very cheap synthetic stuff that I could not resist because of the color :-) I don't know much about yarn in copenhagen, but there is a place on the corner of Fiolstræde and Krystalgade -maybe you can look it up?
▶ Onxy: Thank you!
▶ Fenke: They both are :-)
▶ Lisen: Thank you, Lisen, so do I
▶ Helena: Tak!
▶ Kira: Chokolademousselagkage FTW
▶ Aya: Thank you!
▶ Ania: Thank you!
▶ Tin.e: Thank you!
▶ Minke: Thank you!
▶ Mallory: Thank you, I did!
▶ Mendruga: I am teach Elinor the art of the birthday cake!
▶ Niki: Doesn't he? Oh baby love
▶ Anna: Thank you!
▶ Kate: Thank you, Kate! Libra Power :-) I am in love with Walter and hope to steal him one of these days


Yay! I'm late but celebrating your birthday as well :) Happy Birthday and it's nice to see so much lovely warm colours : roses, sky and your daughter's head ;) Have a wonderful week!!

<3 glemte at skrive tillykke her! Tillykke! Og nøj hvor er han sød ham Walter :)

Birthdays are the best, especially if they're in october ;) Another congrats, hope you enjoyed it!!

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