Today is my birthday!

This morning I got breakfast in bed complete with gifts and balloons :-)

These photos are from Saturday where I had some of my best friends over for brunch and cake -including Walter, the littlest guest of the day

▶ S t E f a N i a: Thank you!
▶ Ti (matimuk): Me too - I love sitting by the window when it rains!
▶ allesistgut: Oh how nice, I don't know the name of any flowers (well almost)
▶ Lisen: Thank you, Lisen


Happy birthday, Mette! Yay for Libras:) And wow, Walter is the cutest.

happy birthday! :) hope you had the sweetest day ever!
oh also the cake looks extra yummy! x

Many,many wishes and happy birthday!!!!Walter looks very very very cute!!!!

Happy Birthday!
Beautiful and delicious cake!

i hope you had such a marvelous birthday!

Looks like you had a happy one! Love from Amsterdam, X

happy happy (belated) birthday!

Happy Birthday!:)

wuuhuu! happy birthday! :)

Et lidt forsinket tillykke med fødselsdagen!
Kagen ser vanvittigt lækker ud :)

Hurra! Happy birthday to you!

lovley! nice cake! cute baby! hope your year until next b-day will be wonderful!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! the cake looks delicious... so does the baby :-)

happy happy ! have a great year !!! onxy

Happy birthday Mette! The cake looks yummy.

Looks like a great birthday!
I'm a little late, but congrats!

better late...
tillukku tillukku tillukku góða Mette

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