More Walking

More photos from our walk this weekend.
Very fall-perfect

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you will know, that this has been a very special day for me today: Today I joined the design team at Podio! No rest for me, I guess :-) But I am so happy for this opportunity! It feels … very, very grown-up!

▶ Skatoprama, Polly, Lisen: Thank you! -it helped!


Juhu! Stort tillykke! Det kommer der med garanti en masse spændende ud af :O)

Wau, stort tillykke! Virkelig godt gået :)

congrats! :)

Bravo Mette, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats here, too:)

Velkommen ombord:-)

cool!! :D congratulations - and happy b-day! (totally missed this post!)

oh, missed a few posts here! congrats! and i love these photos, first ne is sooo cute!!

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