Cake on a wednesday

We celebrated a big step for a girl of almost three with heart shaped layer cakes.
Lots of big steps between 2 and 3.

▶ Louise: Det var så hyggeligt!
▶ Mariela Ramos: We are, thank you so much. Although I fear Elinors cough is just a sign of the sniffling coughing season to come!
▶ Mia Frida: It is so nice to have all these birds stopping by all day long! I love it!
▶ Ashlee: Thank you! and it was very very idyllic - fever means just wanting to cuddle :-)


she is just so cute! did she say goodbye to the pacifier? we havent made it yet!

Det var sødt, sikke en dejlig ide. Også farvel for Faster suttekøber;) Savner min lille E, glæder mig til vi ses snart. Har du et lille fødselsdagsønske?

Hvor er hun blevet stor! Alt for længe siden jeg har været herinde, hyggelig at komme tilbage:):):)

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