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Flowers / Ungt Blod / ungtblod.com
Flowers / Ungt Blod / ungtblod.com
Flowers / Ungt Blod / ungtblod.com


Beautiful flowers and delicious breakfast they day after:
Yesterday Kristian and I defended our Master Thesis!

No more school, no more studies, no more exams -just a bright and scary future :-)

Right now I am very relieved - and very happy that I don't have to speak and write in academic terms anymore!

I am also relieved because it went very very well - always a nice way to finish oh, just about 20 years of school!



yay! congratulations! Here's to your new exciting life :)

Congrats! That must be a huge relief!

Tillykke Mette :)

Congratulations! It's a lovely feeling to finish something so big. What next?

Congrats! :--)

Congratulations! It´s a new beginning for you, enjoy!

Det har været hårdt arbejde, nu er det tid til at høste frugten af det. Stort tillykke med ny titel og veloverstået eksamen.

Wow, tillykke! Det bliver jo umådeligt spændende at se hvad fremtiden byder!

Yay! Congratulations :)

Yipaaaaa!! Congratulations!!!!

Congrats!! Now the big question - what next?!

Congrats dear Mette! I am wishing you all the best for whatever will be the next step in your life :)


congrats!!! i'm so happy for you:)

Yey! Woo! Hooray! Excellent news and fittingly lovely flowers for a much-earned celebration!

congratulations Mette!!!!

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