Having time to truly be home again is maybe the best thing about finishing my thesis!

▶ Hello Sandwich: Can't tell you how badly I want to go back!
▶ K: Thank you :-)
▶ Mariela Ramos & STEFANIE: -the last two are for salt and for soy sauce :-)


lovley E! Lovley Rufus! All the colours, and pizza! Happy sunday! Congratulations with finishing yout thesis!

so cute! Little E is so super grown up! xoxo

Pizza med figner?! Det er må da helt klart prøves snarest.

Home, I love it how you describe yours and how much you enjoy it. But no wonder, it is always so pretty through your pictures.

Me too, I love mine.

Congratulations for the thesis! Good luck to the last (?) phase of it!

Happy Monday!

you always seem to make the tastiest pizza!

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