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This is how the last couple of days, weeks, months of my life have looked!

The view from my thesis office


Me and Kristian writing and talking and discussing and taping papers to the wall to look busy and writing some more
-and then yesterday; We handed in a 146 pages long thesis paper!

The title is something like: Future Friendly Web Design - a study of design process in a perspective of change

Such a huge amount of relief to have handed it in - even if we do have to defend it in two weeks. As long as I get a week of I say "bring it on"


The title/subject of the thesis seems very interesting!

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH! You did it! Congrats so far, you´ll handle the Rest well for sure :)

Og med det japanske flag på forsiden <3

Yay! Gratulerer! :D Now a little well deserved rest I hope!

Hvor er i seje... det må være den bedste følelse...hurrraaaaa.... vi ses om nogle uger:)

That's a really beautiful sky. :) Congratulations on finishing!

Hooray! Time to celebrate!

oh, how great! congratulations so far and good luck (or: nerves of steel) for the defence!!!

Well done, Mette! I can't imagine how great it feels to hand in the big final thesis - mine is still a long way from being finished.

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